Video Services

We would love to tell your story. In fact, we know you and your company have something essential to say to the world. But doing it in a way that captures and inspires the audience requires creativity, knowledge and a great passion to tell stories.

This is not a coincidence or a fortuitous encounter. We are here to help you send the message in the most breathtaking and efficient way, to inspire your audience with a video.

Fénix Media offers commercial video production and postproduction services tailor-made to your needs: whether you are small businesses or a large corporation in the US and Latin America.

Our strategic location (Miami and Caracas) covers the region and maximizes the value of your investment. Yes, we know how important it is to maintain the balance between quality and costs to generate value.

Our professional branded videos and cutting-edge animations, both with personalized and unique digital content, produce a harmony between a corporate brand’s ideas, products and messages.

Fénix Media offers more than the traditional commercial video production services; our unique value proposition is to help companies increase sales by creating videos that engage the desired audience. Professionals and innovators will navigate the complex marketing industry and produce content designed to attract customers, solve their needs and motivate them into action.

As trusted advisors, we collaborate with businesses, providing guidance on proven methodologies to transform the corporate brand’s message into content that connects and inspires. With over 18 years of experience, we are experts driven to highlight the most important thing in your message, beyond the cutting-edge technology: the story.

We are devoted video storytellers and our goal is to understand your communicational needs to create a message that persuades. Through all stages of development: from the idea generation, execution and delivery, we listen and partner with you, to understand your target audience and drive them to take action.

Our high quality videos, directed by our proficient team, using advanced cameras and equipment, can generate exceptional results for you, our soon to be partners. Furthermore, our talented artists translate products and messages into modern and stunning graphics animations.

We want to tell your story. So, let’s schedule a free consultation.